Can You Run In Basketball Shoes In 2023 (Detailed Guide)

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can you run in basketball shoes

Basketball comes in the list of sports that require a lot of running. Ordinarily many people think they can run quickly in basketball shoes. But it is more complicated. Running shoes are specially designed for covering a long distance. In contrast, basketball shoes are made for the purpose of sports. Before wearing basketball shoes for running purposes, it is necessary to have proper knowledge regarding can you run in basketball shoes.

Many people think that wearing basketball shoes is not much different from wearing running shoes. Because the player needs to be run in the court from up to down. However, this is a wrong assumption. Of course, there are many differences between basketball and running shoes. 

In this article, we will guide you in detail on that can you run in basketball shoes or not. Along with that, we will also show you what makes basketball and running shoes unique, and why basketball is not suitable for running. 

Running Shoes are Not a Substitute for Basketball Shoes

Basketball is not a substitute for running shoes because they are designed especially for harsh and unpredictable footwork. They are very heavier and bulkier than normal running shoes. 

Normally the basketball players run upward, downward, straight as well as diagonally. So they required those shoes that provide them extra support, flexibility, and strong lateral movement.  Additionally, they have wide and flat sole that provides greater stability for basketball players.

On the other hand, the player who participates in the running normally runs in a straight line or at least in a contrasting direction. Therefore running shoes are specially designed for forward and straight motion as well as offer more flexibility for minimal discomfort. Therefore, they are lighter, provide more shock absorption, and are used primarily for running, which concentrates most of the force around the forefoot and heel.

Below we will discuss both basketball & running shoes feature, so you can get the clear difference between them and also get the answer of your query regarding can you run in basketball shoes.

Features of basketball shoes

basketball shoes

As we discuss above, basketball shoes are specially designed to support short sprints in all directions. Around the heels, they have shock absorptions and additional protection. During jumps and strong stomps on the basketball court, the heels absorb much of the impact.  

Additionally, basketball shoes come with high-top models that provide superior ankle support that is needed to endure the sudden steps players usually take.

Features of Running Shoes

running shoes

Besides this, running shoes are specially designed to move forward and specifically support heels and forefoot areas. As all of your body weight falls in those areas and your body moves forward, they need to be strong enough to absorb the shock.

They are also designed to be lighter, more flexible as well as comfortable enough to endure long distances in them. Of course, running shoes are all not built the same. Some are designed to cover long distances while some are designed for covering short areas.

Some are designed for forefoot running while others are designed for midfoot strikers. With added ankle support and extra traction, trail running shoes are designed for runners who run on uneven terrain.

Here are four reasons why basketball shoes are good for running

There are four major reasons why basketball shoes are for running, and it also helps you to get the answer of your query related to the topic can you run in basketball shoes?

1) You are Overweight

As we discuss above, basketball shoes provide you with some extra support and flexibility. So if you are overweight or you never care about your physical health for the last few years, you can use basketball shoes. Instead of this, running shoes are lighter and provide you with less stability. 

2) Covering Short Distances

Never think about basketball shoes for a running purpose if you are a passionate runner. 10 miles per week is already a big task. The basketball shoes are heavier than the normal running shoes, so make sure to run on a straight track or where you don’t need to change your direction. 

3) Wearing Basketball Shoes that fit perfectly

We recommend using basketball shoes that perfectly fit your feet. Otherwise, your knees will suffer and you’re risking an ankle injury. Make sure to tighten the laces of your shoes very well. If your shoes don’t fit 80%, never wear them for running. 

4) never Running On these Surfaces

Avoid running on Concrete, Snow, and Sand. Concrete is very harder than asphalt which is a death on heels. It is unpredictable because snow can easily turn into ice and become slippery. Sand will be ok, but sand is the harder surface to run so it can be creating problems. 

Conclusion: Can you run in basketball shoes

We hope you enjoy this particular guide and we’re successful to resolve your query regarding can you run in basketball shoes or not. Over long distances, running shoes are designed to provide optimal comfort and minimal strain. While basketball is specially designed for up, down, straight as well as diagonally movement. 

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