Can You Wear Goggles in Water Polo

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can you wear goggles in water polo

Are you a water polo enthusiast or a swimmer lover, and looking for the best way to improve visibility and protect your eyes in the pool? If yes, then you definitely wondering if it is possible to wear goggles during the game of water polo. 

So, here we come up with a detailed guide on the topic “Can you wear goggles in water polo” and try to explain every single topic you need to make an informed decision. But before jumping on the main topic, it is necessary to know about the basics of water polo. 


Many players are worried regarding this topic because eye protection should be the first priority of every player. So in this article, we’ll guide you in detail and try to cover every single point.

What is Water Polo

Water polo is a team sport that plays in a pool, having seven players on each side. The main objective of such a game is to score more goals than the opposite team, by throwing a ball to the opposite goal. They also try their best to prevent goals from another team. 

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In this game, physical fitness is very crucial because the players must swim continuously in the pool and engage in physical contact. Each team switches sides at halftime, and the game is divided into four quarters of eight minutes each.

Water polo has been an Olympic sport since the 1900s and it gained popularity all over the world, such as United states, Australia, and Hungary. It is also popular and played at the collegiate level or between swimmers and water enthusiasts. 

Importance Of Safety In Waterpolo

As we discuss above, Water polo is a sport that requires a lot of physical activity. So it is important that players must be in the excellent physical condition and knows a wide range of skills, including swimming, treading water, and ball handling. Therefore, injuries can and do occur, and players, coaches, and officials must always prioritize safety. 

If you want to play the risk-free game, it is necessary to maintain all gears, such as balls, goals, and protective gear. If you found any prodigy that could be unsafe while playing, should be replaced or repaired immediately. 

So, safety is the top priority in water polo. The players, coaches, and officials should be aware of every precaution to ensure that the game is played safely and responsibly. It is imperative for players to prioritize safety at all times so that they can enjoy the game to the fullest and minimize the risk of injury.

Reasons Why Goggles are Not Allowed in Water Polo

The main reason why goggles are not allowed is due to the risk of injury to both the players and wearers. While playing water polo, the player often cataract with one another and dive for the balls.  Because they can be sharp and provide a risk to other players’ eyes or faces, goggles have the potential to injure them if they get loose during play.

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Water turbulence is another main concern in water polo. The force of water can cause goggles to dislodge or leak, as a result, the player’s vision impair and he could distract from the game. This is particularly risky while playing quickly because decisions made in a split second might determine how the game turns out. We think, now you get idea regrading can you wear goggles in water polo.

Along with that, the goggles provide some players an extra or unfair advantage over others. They could potentially offer crystal clear vision or reduce the impact of water and improve visibility in certain lighting conditions, providing certain players with a benefit over those who do not use goggles.

Alternative to Goggles In Water Polo

There are several other options available that could be a better alternatives to goggles in water polo. These alternatives offer protection for the player’s eyes during gameplay. They could minimize the risk of injury or provides you ultimate comfort and confidence in the water. 

The first and most popular alternative to goggles is the swim caps with built-in eye guards. These caps offer a soft padded eye guard that covers the entire eyes and provides protection from elbows, fingers, and balls itself. They are very comfortable to wear, lightweight, and improve the player’s vision and performance in the pool. 

The face mask or visors are another great alternatives to goggles in water polo. These protective masks are covers the entire eyes, nose, and mouth. Although they can be a little bit thicker than other eye protection, they offer the most complete defense against injury while playing.

Players may also choose to wear specialized contact lenses designed for water sports. They are very durable and comfortable to wear because of the high-quality material. They are also water-resistant and improve your vision. 

The protection of the eye is a basic need of any water polo player, so you can consider the available options or alternatives that provide you ultimate comfort and protection.

Conclusion: Can you Wear goggles In Water Polo

We hope you’ll enjoy this particular guide and get your answer regarding whether can you wear goggles in water polo. As the goggles are not typically allowed in water polo, you can go on different alternatives that provide you more durability and comfort and improve your vision in the swimming pool. 

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