How To Clean Batting Gloves Perfectly & Easily

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how to clean batting gloves

Batting gloves protect your hands from the bat vibration as well as provide superb grip. They are also useful in making your hands warm. Nowadays, there is a variety of different batting gloves available in the market. Mostly they are made from leather palms and synthetic materials. 

As time passes the batting gloves will become dirty and sweat will accumulate on your batting gloves. If you think you’re a player, it is necessary to have the proper knowledge regarding how to clean batting gloves. 

The main reason that damages the gloves and pads are the salt and chemicals, that are available in our own sweat. It encourages bacteria and grime and will affect the life of our batting gloves. 

There is a tendency for these items to wear out more quickly the better you get at using them. With normal use, the batting gloves will survive a year but if you have the proper knowledge about how to clean batting gloves, your gloves can last for several years. 

Step-By-Step Process To Clean Batting Gloves

Cleaning batting gloves could be a difficult task for a person who hasn’t knowledge of how to clean batting gloves. We will guide you step by step that how you can do this and change your batting gloves into new condition within no time

Cleaning Your Gloves After use

After every game and practice, you should clap your gloves. Your gloves will likely pick up a lot of dirt and debris, so clap a few times in order to remove excess dirt and grime.

After reaching your home, take a brush and rub it on the surface of the gloves. This will help you to remove the dirt that isn’t finished after clapping on your batting gloves. Make sure not to rub so tightly, as it may cause damage to its material. 

If your batting gloves got spotted from anywhere, you can wipe them off by purchasing cleaning wipes from the market. You can give them a quick wipe by using a disposable wipe. Make sure any cleaning wipe you’ll purchase from the market is safe for leather.  

Cleaning Leather batting Gloves

leather batting gloves

If you want to clean the leather batting gloves, you need a bowl containing water and two-three drops of alcohol-free detergent. Now take a small piece of cloth or towel and soak it into the solution. After that, gently rub it on the surface of the leather batting gloves. Wipe the interiors with a cloth after turning the inside out.  

After finishing the above process, it’s time to wash your batting gloves. Hold them under the cool running water until the removal of suds, but don’t completely saturate them. The interiors should be rinsed, then turned right side out and the exteriors should be rinsed.

If you complete the above step regarding how to clean batting gloves, now it’s time to take a small piece of dry cloth or towel in order to soak up the excess water. Again turn the inside out and squeeze the towel to ring the moisture. Then dry the outsides and hang your favorite pair of batting gloves outside the house. Never hang them in the direct heat of sunlight, as it may cause damage to their material. 

When the batting gloves are fully dried, you need to condition your favorite pair. Apply a leather conditioner on the surface of the leather gloves. Take a small piece of cloth and rub the conditioner onto the surface. Leave it for a few minutes, then again wipe them with another dry cloth. 

Additional Tips Regarding Batting Gloves 

  • It is always advisable to wear the “inners” inside of your batting gloves to prevent sweat from soaking into them. They will stay in better shape and last longer if you do this.
  • Dirt and bits of fabric can quickly accumulate on Velcro straps. Fold them back on themselves to keep stray dirt out.
  • If you play cricket often or regularly, it is highly recommended to purchase another pair of batting gloves. After several innings, you can switch them out so they can dry.

Conclusion: How to clean batting gloves

We hope you enjoy this particular guide, and you’ll know how to clean batting gloves perfectly. Below we will discuss some of the most common queries regarding this particular topic, so keep reading!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best way to clean batting gloves?

First of all, wipe off the dirt and debris from the surface of your batting gloves. Then hold your gloves under the cool running water. After that fill a bowl with water and alcohol-free detergent. Then take a small piece of cloth and dip it into the soapy solution. Rub the cloth on the surface of the batting gloves. Again rinse the batting gloves. Leave them to air dry.  

How do you get the smell out of batting gloves?

If you want to smell out your favorite pair, you have to use a fabric and leather-safe disinfectant and deodorizer to spray the outside of the gloves. 

Can you soak batting gloves?

The answer is “yes”. To restore your gloves to life, soak them in warm water and detergent.

Is batting gloves machine washable?

It is recommended to wash your batting gloves by hand because there is a high chance of damaging the material of your gloves.  But still, if you want to wash gloves in the washing machine, you should read and understand the instructions putting by the manufacturer.   

Can you reuse batting gloves?

Yes, you can use batting gloves multiple times. But it is necessary to wash your batting gloves in a week or after some time. If you play cricket often or regularly you can purchase another pair of batting gloves, and you can switch them so they can dry. 

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