How To Clean Hockey Gloves In 2023 (2 Proven Ways)

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how to clean hockey gloves

Hockey gloves are essential pieces of equipment for a hockey player. They protect your hands and wrists from being injured by pucks and sticks. However, with all that use comes dirt and grime buildup. If not regularly cleaned, your hockey gloves can become smelly and unhygienic.

If you think you’re a hockey player, it is quite important to have the proper knowledge regarding how to clean hockey gloves. If you clean them properly, their life will increase as well as they protect from bacteria and grime. 

You can wash your hockey gloves by using a washing machine or by hand. The best way to prevent smelly bacteria from growing in your gloves is to wash and air dries them after every game or practice.

In this article, we will discuss in detail how to clean hockey gloves properly and try to change their look as good as new!

How To Clean Hockey Gloves In a Washing Machine

Dry Your Hockey Gloves 

First of all, you need to dry your hockey gloves. You’ll not directly clean your gloves just after the rink, it is necessary to dry them first. Take your gloves out from the hockey bag and leave them on a dry rack, so the air can easily reach them. Leave them on the rack for several hours or until they’re completely dry. 

Place Gloves In the Washing Machine 

The second step regarding “how to clean hockey gloves in the washing machine” is to put your favorite pair in the washing machine. Fill the machine with cold water and soak your gloves in it for about 15 mins before running the wash cycle. 

Add the Detergent: 

The third step is to add your favorite detergent. Never use a detergent that contains bleach g agent, as it may cause damage to the material of the glove. Read the instruction before putting the detergent as written by the manufacturer. 

Use the Vinegar: 

Use vinegar instead of the machine’s fabric softener. Simply put the vinegar into the machine’s fabric softener compartment. The vinegar removes the smells on the gloves and removes any laundry detergent residue left on them.

Run Standard Wash Cycle: 

Now simply close the lid of the machine and run a regular cycle of cold water. By agitating the gloves in the detergent and booster solution, dirt and grime will be released. The vinegar also removes some odors from the gloves

Dry Your Hockey Gloves:

The last and final step regarding how to clean hockey gloves is to air dry your favorite pair. Simply hang them out from the house, making sure the air can easily reach them. Leave them for several hours until they are completely dry. Save them from the direct heat of sunlight, as it may cause damage to their material. 

Hand Washing Hockey Gloves

Dry Your Gloves: 

As we discuss above, you need to dry your hockey gloves first. Never directly wash your gloves, as it may cause damage to their material. Simply take out the gloves from your hockey bag and place them on the dry rack. Leave them for several hours or until they’re completely dry.

Pour Hot Water & Laundry detergent Into the Sink: 

The second step regarding how to clean hockey gloves by hand is to pour ⅛ cup of laundry detergent into the sink. You can also add ¼  cup vinegar as a cleaning booster. Approximately half of the sink should be filled with hot water. 

Make sure to use the hottest water that comes from the tap, the booster, and detergent will easily dissolve. The same amount of cleaning solutions should be used if your sink is too shallow.

Add Gloves Into The solution: 

In this step, place the gloves into the sink in the cleaning solution. Apply the pressure and continued to push them down until they’re completely soaked. If you never apply the pressure, your gloves will float on the solution. 

Leave your gloves in the sink for about 30 mins. If your gloves are very dirty, you can leave them for an hour. 

Rinse With Clean Water: 

In the fourth step regarding how to clean hockey gloves, you have to rinse your favorite pair with clean water. To remove the cleanser solution and any visible dirt or grime from the gloves, hold them under warm clean water. 

Wipe off the gloves: 

After rinsing the water on the gloves, you need to take a clean and small piece of cloth or towel. Simply rub the towel or cloth on the surface of the gloves in order to absorb the excess water. 

Air Dry Your Hockey Gloves: 

In the last step regarding how to clean hockey gloves by hand, you have to hang your favorite gloves in order to dry them. Simply hand them outside the house or near the ventilation or where the air can easily reach them. Leave them for several hours or over the night until they’re completely dry. 

Conclusion: How To Clean Hockey Gloves 

We hope you enjoy this particular guide and you’ll learn how to clean hockey gloves perfectly by using a washing machine or by hand. Below we will answer some of the most common queries related to this topic, so keep reading!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you get the stink out of hockey gloves?

You can also use the cleaning aisle at your local Target, grocery store, or hardware store to get rid of the hockey smell. Nowadays, there are multiple deodorizers and antibacterial sprays available in the market which you can use to remove odors and stink from hockey gloves.

How do I keep my hockey gear from smelling?

During the cleaning of your hockey gloves, you can add some vinegar as a cleaning booster on your hockey gloves. This will remove the odor and smell from your favorite pair. 

How do you dry hockey gloves fast?

If you would like to speed up the drying process, consider using an electric drying rack or blowing your gloves with a cool hair dryer. A dehumidifier can be run in the room with gloves as well.

What is the best laundry detergent for hockey gear?

You can purchase any laundry detergent from the market. But make sure to read the instructions written by the manufacturer. Otherwise, your gloves material will be damaged. 

How do you dry hockey gear after washing it?

You can hang them outside the house or near the ventilation where air can easily reach them. Leave them for several hours or overnight until they’re completely dry. 

Can hockey gloves go in the dryer?

The answer is No. Never throw your hockey gloves into the dryer. Allow them to air dry naturally by leaving them bear the ventilation or outside the house. If you throw them into the dryer, there is a high chance of damaging their material. 

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