How To Clean Ski Goggles & Store Them In 2023

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how to clean ski goggles

Are you an outdoor adventure lover and looking for the best ways that how to clean ski goggles? Then you’re at the right place. Whenever we want to hit the slopes, we put on our ski goggles and realize that they are smudged. We’re stuck having to clean our ski goggles first. 

Ski goggles help you to get crystal clear vision, and protect your eyes from snow, wind, and sun rays. For perfect vision, it is necessary to clean ski goggles and maintain and store them when they are not in use. 

If you properly clean them, the life of the ski goggles increases as well as they support you for the years to come. It will also save your eyes from wind, and snow as well as prevent bacteria and viruses. 

Dirty ski goggles are among the top thing that ruins your adventure. So the question arises that how to clean ski goggles properly. In this article, we will guide you in detail on how to do this and enjoy your adventures openly!

Things needed while cleaning:

There are a few you need to arrange before jumping on the step of how to clean ski goggles. Don’t worry about that these things would be rare. Almost everything we need you can easily find in your house. The things you need are

  • Small piece of cloth or towel. 
  • Goggle bag. 
  • Cleaning solution. 

3 Proven Steps To Clean Ski Goggles:

Cleaning the ski goggles will be a difficult task for a person who hasn’t knowledge about how to clean ski goggles. But after following our three proven steps you will see the guaranteed result. 

Step 1: Wipe your ski goggles

how to clean ski goggles

The first step regarding how to clean ski goggles is to wipe your glasses. The perfect cloth for cleaning ski goggles is a microfiber cloth or any similar soft cloth. Normally goggles come with a cleaning cloth. But if your ski goggles don’t come with a cleaning cloth you can use a small piece of towel. 

When your goggles are dry, wipe them gently on the outer lens with a cloth. Rubbing in a circular motion will be the best option. You have to rub only the outer lens area because many manufacturers put an anti-fog on the inner side of the lens. 

If you rub the inner side, there is a high chance that your goggle may remove or smear an anti-fog coating. The inner lens should be left alone to prevent damage. If you see that the inner lens becomes dirty or wet, let it air dry.

Step 2: Use a Goggle Bag

how to clean ski goggles

The second step regarding “how to clean ski goggles” is to use a goggles bag. Normally glasses come with a goggles bag. Goggles bag made from the soft material that keeps your goggles clean. Dust and fingerprints can be gently wiped away with the goggle bag. Wipe the outer lens of the goggles with the bag after you remove the glasses from the bag.

Step 3: Use a Cleaning Solution

how to clean ski goggles

Many goggles brand makes cleaning solution to clean their goggles. But make sure only use the cleaning solution if it is necessary. Goggles can be easily cleaned without the cleaning solution. This step is totally optional. 

If your goggles are still dirty and not clean properly after using a clean cloth and goggle bag, you can use a cleaning solution. Simply spray a small amount of solution onto the goggles and rub the glasses with a small piece of cloth or towel. Do not rub so tightly, as it may cause damage to its material. 

Cleaning solutions are normally used to clean dirt, dust, and mild scratches. They are sometimes used as anti-fog protectors. If you facing issues that your goggles fogging up, then you can consider our guide regarding how to keep swim goggles from fogging.

Conclusion: How to Clean Ski Goggles

We hope you enjoy this particular guide and you’ll the results after following these proven steps. Below we will discuss how you can maintain the cleanness of ski goggles and also how to store them properly. So Keep reading!

Steps To Keep Ski Goggles Clean:

Are you an outdoor adventure lover and looking for the perfect way how to keep ski goggles clean? Look no further! We will guide you in detail on how to do this and enjoy your outdoor sports. 

Never leave goggles on the top of your head between rides

how to clean ski goggles

Whenever you get off your ski goggles you should never leave them at the top of your head. Because there is a high chance of getting dirt and bacteria. This practice helps your goggles to prevent fog and dirt. 

As a result of sweat and heat coming from your head, wearing goggles on your head may cause fog. Whenever your ski goggles are not in use, store them where the direct heat cannot easily reach them. 

Rub Your Goggles While They Are Dry

how to clean ski goggles

During skiing do not rub your lenses because the snow, ice, and slush can damage them if you rub them while they are wet. There is a possibility of scratching the lenses or creating irreversible smears and/or smudges as a result of this. You can bring an extra lens and replace them if the first one becomes dirty and wet. 

After each use, use a drying device or air dry your lenses

how to clean ski goggles

Always air dry your lenses after each use to avoid damage. You can use a drying device to dry your ski goggles. If you’re far away from your home and need to dry your lenses, you can visit your nearest restaurant or hotel to gently dry your goggles using a hand dryer or blow dryer. 

Make sure to create a distance between the drier and your goggles to prevent them from any permanent damage. During this process, place your goggles where there is little moisture. After that leave them to dry naturally. 

How To Properly Store Ski Goggles

Every skier needs knowledge about how to properly store ski goggles. If the lenses are stored properly, they will support you in every outdoor adventure and also for the upcoming periods. 

Store Your Goggles On The Dry Surface

how to clean ski goggles

Always place your goggles wear any moisture, such as heat cannot reach them easily. Storing them properly enhances their life and prevents them from any damage. The good place we suggest to you is the soft protective cover. It helps to prevent your goggles from scratching. 

Another great place to store ski goggles is a ski bag. Some goggles come with the ski bag, in your case if it is available you can simply store your goggles there. 

Keep Your Goggles On Room Temperature

how to clean ski goggles

This step is very important for a person who wants to know how to clean ski goggles and how to store them at the right temperature. After storing your goggles in any ski bag or dry container, now make sure to keep them at a moderate temperature. If you place them at the wrong temperature, may cause permanent damage and require replacement. 

Make sure to store your ski goggles at a moderate temperature, not too hot or too cold. Never leave them in the car because the foam will deteriorate in extreme temperatures.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you clean the lens of snow goggles?

The major question related to the topic “how to clean ski goggles” is how to clean lenses. To resolve this query you can simply follow our steps which will definitely work you’ll see the magical result. 

What’s the best way to clean ski goggles?

The best way to clean ski goggles is to rinse freshwater instead of using soap and another cleaning detergent. 

Can you wash your goggles with soap?

If your ski goggles don’t contain any special coating, you can use soap or baby shampoo. Simply apply the soap on the sponge and clean them with the soapy sponge to clean your goggles. 

Is sanitizer good for cleaning glasses?

Yes, you can use sanitizer to clean glasses. But do not overuse them because some ingredients may affect the quality of the lens. 

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