how To Clean Sunglasses In 2023 – 5 Proven Steps

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how to clean sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses helps you to save yourself from the direct heat of sunlight. You may think that cleaning your sunglasses is a simple process that doesn’t require instructions. If you properly clean and care for your sunglasses, their life will be extended and they save from bacteria and germs. 

There are many ways to clean your sunglasses, some are right and some are wrong. If you don’t have the proper knowledge regarding how to clean sunglasses, there is a high chance you could ruin them. 

The best habit is whenever to wash your hands, you have to wash your eyewear or sunglasses too. Cleaning them regularly will not only save them from dirt and grime but provides you the crystal-clear vision. 

In this article, we will discuss in detail how to clean sunglasses and how to properly care for them in order to keep them in tip-top condition. Before we jump up on the main topic we should know the wrong ways which can ruin your glasses badly. 

The wrong ways to clean sunglasses:

Never clean and rub the surface of your sunglasses with your shirt tail. Your lenses can be permanently scratched by the tiny fibers in the fabric. Don’t use saliva in order to clean your sunglasses. First of all, it isn’t hygienic and it will not clean glasses very well. 

Never use the household glass cleaner, because these products have ingredients that may cause damage the lenses and may break down the coating. Avoid using towels, or toilet paper to clean your eyewear because paper towels and tissues contain wood pulp that can scratch your lenses.

5 Proven steps to clean sunglasses

Cleaning the sunglasses could be a difficult task, but after following our simple and proven steps you will see the guaranteed results.

1)  Dry & Wash your Hands:

The first and major step is to dry and wash your hands. If you properly clean your hands, the moisture or oil traces never transfer from your hands to the sunglasses. Take a mild soap, lotion, or other addictive ingredients, then dry them off with a towel that won’t leave lint behind.

2) Rinse the Sunglasses with Lukewarm Water:

The second step regarding how to clean sunglasses is to rinse your favorite goggles with lukewarm water. Put your glasses frames under the faucet and rinse them well. Warm water is the best for cleaning dust and dirt, but don’t use hot water as it may cause damage to its material or any specialized coating. 

3) Place a drop of lotion-free dishwashing liquid: 

Now you have to place a drop of lotion-free dishwashing liquid on the surface of your glasses. Rub it over both sides by using your fingers, then over the entire frame. It’s particularly important to pay attention to the parts of your glasses that come into contact with your skin most often, such as the nose pads and temples.

If you don’t have any dishwashing liquid, you can use the glasses cleaning solution. Make sure to read the instructions put over them. Never use too much as it may cause damage to its material. 

4) Again rinse your glasses:

If you have done the above process, it’s time to rinse your sunglasses again with warm luke water. 

5) Dry your favorite goggles

In the last step regarding how to clean sunglasses, you have to dry your favorite goggles. All you need is to take a clean microfiber cloth or lint-free towel. Then rub the lenses of your sunglasses. Make sure not to rub so tightly, it may cause permanent damage. 

Conclusion: How to clean sunglasses

We hope you enjoy this particular guide, below we will discuss some of the most common queries regarding this topic. So keep reading!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best way to clean sunglass frames?

Hold them under the warm luke water, then apply the dishwashing lotion over them. Rub the solution by using your fingers. Then rinse the warm luke water again and take a clean microfiber cloth in order to dry it. 

What’s the best way to clean polarized sunglasses?

One of the most common questions related to the topic of how to clean sunglasses is how to clean your polarized sunglasses, you can follow our above guide in order to clean your polarized sunglasses.

Can I use an alcohol wipe on my sunglasses?

Avoid using household products such as harsh ammonia-based chemicals. If you use lens wipes or sprays, make sure they contain isopropyl alcohol. 

What makes sunglasses shiny again?

You can apply the goggles cleaner in order to shine your sunglasses. But make sure to read the instructions putting on that particular product you are using. 

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