How to clean the inside of baseball gloves In 2023

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how to clean the inside of a baseball glove

Baseball gloves are the main and essential part for a person who says him a good player. But over time, they will become dirty and need cleaning. Cleaning the inside of a baseball glove is more important than the outside of the gloves. Because the wet, sweaty hands and the hot weather damage the gloves. 

Cleaning the baseball glove will be a challenging task for a person who hasn’t knowledge about how to clean the inside of a baseball glove properly. In fact, without proper knowledge about cleaning and caring the lifespan of the glove becomes shortened and it damages the material of the glove. 

When you use your baseball gloves regularly, they will become dirtier and dirtier. The hot weather, sweat hands, and dust combine to hit the gloves and damage their material. To get rid of this we will give you a detailed guide that how to clean the inside of a baseball glove and increase its lifespan for the years to come!

In general, cleaning the inside of the baseball glove is not the same as cleaning the outside of the baseball glove. However, we come up with the best ways to clean your baseball gloves. Below we will also answer some of the most common questions about this particular guide. Let’s get started! 

Here is what you need:

Before moving on to the topic of How to clean the inside of a baseball glove, you’ll need some items. Don’t take tension that this thing would be rare. Almost every item used in this guide will be available in every house. You will have the rest anyway if you are a good baseball player. The thing you need is:

  • Small towel or piece of cloth. 
  • Saddle soap.
  • Warm and Cool water. 
  • Glove conditioner or oil.

5 Proven Ways to Clean Inside of a Baseball Glove:

In this article, we will provide you with the five proven methods regarding how to clean the inside of a baseball glove. Don’t worry, it will not be a difficult task. All you have to do is just follow our steps and we are sure after that you will see guaranteed results. 

Step 1: Wipe the Glove With a Dry Cloth

how to clean the inside of a baseball glove

For the first step regarding the topic of how to clean the inside of a baseball glove, you need a dry cloth or towel to wipe down the inside of baseball gloves. Use the proper dry cloth to remove moisture, dirt, and debris from the inside of gloves. To clean the dirt and debris from the inside, you have to shake your gloves very well. 

The next step is to push the dry fabric inside each finger using a narrow stick. Spend some time in this process until the moisture, dirt, and debris are completely removed. After completing this step, make sure to leave your gloves in the fresh air for drying purpose for about 10-15 mins. 

Step 2: Clean with Mild Soap 

how to clean the inside of a baseball glove

Before moving on to the second step, you have to arrange some warm water and gentle soap for this process. Now mix a few drops of the soap into the warm water and mix it properly. You will need quite a few clean, dry rags. Wring out the fabric tightly after soaking it in the soap mixture.

After that, use the wrung cloth to clean the inner leather palms of the glove. As we have done in the first step, take a narrow stick and push it inside the fingers until the inner length part is clean. Do not rub so tightly, because it will damage the baseball gloves material.

Step 3: Rinse With Cool Water

how to clean the inside of a baseball glove

In the third step about how to clean the inside of a baseball glove, you need water and that water should be cool. Next, get a bowl of cool water and a rag. Simply dip the rag into the cool water and wring it out completely. If there is any excess soap on the rag, rinse it off with a barely damp rag. Cool water helps the temperature transition gradually without shrinking the leather.

If you’re interested in cleaning a baseball glove, you can consider our guide regarding how to clean a baseball glove in 2023

Step 4: Dry it properly

how to clean the inside of a baseball glove

In the fourth and second last step, all you have to need is to dry your baseball gloves properly. The final step is to dry the glove out as much as possible using the rag. Leave them in the open and fresh air or near the ventilation until they are completely dry. Safe them from the direct heat of sunlight because it may cause damage their material. 

Step 5: Condition your gloves 

how to clean the inside of a baseball glove

In the last and final step regarding how to clean the inside of a baseball glove, you need the gloves conditioner as well as need a small piece of clean cloth. The conditioner helps in making your gloves stylish as well as supple and soft. We recommend using Wilson Pro Stock as it will be an essential product for this step. 

You can apply some conditioner to the gloves and rub them over the surface with the help of a clean cloth. Make sure not to rub so tightly, as it may cause damage to its material. 

Conclusion: How to clean the inside of a baseball glove

Cleaning the inside of baseball gloves be a challenging task, but with the right and proper steps, you can do it easily. As baseball is a summer sport, so it is mandatory that your hands become sweaty and wet. So, just follow our proven steps and you will see the magical results. 

We hope you enjoy our guide regarding how to clean the inside of a baseball glove. Below we will ask some of the common queries related to this topic, keep reading!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Should I oil the inside of my baseball glove?

There is a tendency for the hand to sweat. As a result, the leather will be worn out. Eventually, it will crack as well. So make sure to use some oil or conditioner so that your hands are well lubricated within the glove as well as in the pocket.

Can I use Vaseline on my baseball glove?

The answer is yes. But do not use it too much as it may cause very sticky and uncomfortable to use. Ensure that petroleum jelly or Vaseline is applied sparingly and completely absorbed into the glove before adding more.

What can I use instead of glove oil?

There is a variety of different products available in the market which you can use instead of glove oil. For example, Vaseline, mink oil, gloves conditioner, glove manufacturers’ oils, saddle soap, and shaving creams. 

What is the fastest way to soften a baseball glove?

Let the leather soak in the water after getting it wet under a faucet. To soften up the leather, I’ll microwave it for a minute, then catch balls off the pitching machine.

How do you deep clean a baseball glove?

If you want to deep clean your baseball gloves, first you have to clean the dirt and debris from the gloves by using a brush. After that apply a leather cleaner or cream using a damp sponge or cloth. Then spread the conditioner or cream over the entire gloves by using a piece of cloth. At last, clean the cream or conditioner and leave it until it dries properly.

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