How To Get Rid Of Goggle Marks In 2023 (3 Amazing Ways)

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how to get rid of goggle marks

Swimming is an activity enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you are a competitive swimmer, or enjoy the occasional dip in the pool, nothing is worse than dealing with the dreaded goggle marks. If you’ve ever worn goggles while swimming, you know that when you take them off they leave an ugly mark on your face.

These tell-tale signs are known as goggle marks and can be an embarrassing reminder of your aquatic adventures. Fortunately, several ways exist to get rid of them quickly and easily. But don’t worry, there are a few simple steps regarding how to get rid of goggle marks and keep your skin glowing, healthy, and transparent. 

There are many benefits of getting rid of such marks on our faces. First of all, they prevent discomfort and irritation. Goggle markings may be ugly and could lower your self-esteem, particularly if they stay on your face for an extended period of time. 

Along with that, wearing tight goggles may affect your skin causing sweat, irritation, and bacteria. Removing such goggles can cause healthy and clear skin. Due to the goggle marks, you might be tempted to forego applying sunscreen or stay inside all day. Removing goggles can also be beneficial in protecting your skin from sunlight or harmful UV rays. 

How to Get Rid Of Goggle Marks

how to get rid of goggle marks

1. Properly Fitting Goggles:

Wearing such goggles which are properly fitted on your face can prevent marks and are essential for your skin. The main factor to consider before picking the perfect goggle is size. Wear such goggles fitted on your face but never so tightly, and cover the entire surface of your eyes without leaving any gaps. 

Picking such goggles including the adjustable straps, may help to fit according to your needs and choice. To ensure that the goggles fit comfortably without placing strain on your nose, make sure the nose bridge is suitably set. 

After that, try on some different goggles to find the perfect one. Never rely on just properties and descriptions of any product (goggles) to choose from.   

2. Applying a Layer Of petroleum Jelly: 

Using petroleum jelly will prevent goggle marks and reduce friction between your skin and the goggles. But you have to understand, this method doesn’t work for everyone and can cause the goggles to slip on your face. 

First of all, clean your face with warm luke water and apply any cleanser to remove dirt, oils, and makeup. Then take a small piece of cloth or towel and dry your skin.  

After that, apply the layer of petroleum jelly. You can use a finger or cotton swab to spread the jelly. Make sure never to use too much petroleum jelly, as it may cause goggle’s slip. 

At last, wear your goggles and adjust them according to your needs and choice. Make sure the petroleum jelly is applied evenly all the way around the goggles’ borders.

3. Using Anti-Fog Spray:

Anti-fog spray is another great technique that helps in preventing goggle marks. If you’re worried about how to get rid of goggle marks, you can apply an-antifog spray.  

At the very first, you have to wash your goggles with warm luke water and you can also use a gentle cleanser. Then take a small piece of cloth and rubbing slightly to dry your favorite goggles. Never rub so tightly, as it may cause damage to its material. 

Secondly, apply an anti-fog spray in a small amount on each side of the lens. Spread the solution uniformly around the surface of the lens using a clean finger or piece of cloth.

After that, leave your goggles to dry naturally in the open atmosphere before putting them on. Normally they require a few minutes to dry.  

Tips To Remove Goggle Marks

The great tip to remove your goggles marks is to generally wash your face. Wash your face with warm water then apply some cleaner to your skin in a circular motion. Then, take a small piece of cloth and rub your face to dry quickly. 

Never rub so tightly, as it may cause skin allergy and irritation. Repeat the cleansing procedure as required to get rid of all signs of perspiration, oil, and germs from your skin.

If you find the perfect way how to get rid of goggle marks, you can apply a moisturizer or aloe vera gel. To remove any debris, oils, or makeup, wash your face gently with warm water. Utilize a fresh towel to dry.

Then, apply a layer of aloe vera gel on your skin where goggle marks are present and massage over there. After that, allow it to absorb into your skin or leave them overnight for maximum effectiveness. 

Using natural remedies is also an effective way to get rid of goggle marks. All you need is to first wash your face with warm water and use a small piece of cloth to dry it. After that, cut the fresh cucumber into small slices or soap tea bags in chilled water. 

Over the areas of your face with goggle marks, place cucumber slices or tea bags. Leave the cucumber slices or tea bag on your face at least for 10-15 mins. Additionally, you can do this while relaxing on the couch.

Long-Term Planning 

You have to do long-term planning to get rid of goggle marks. Because these marks can be an embarrassing reminder of your aquatic adventures. 

1. Resting during snorkeling or swimming:

You have to take some rest or breaks at least 10-15 mins after every session of swimming or snorkeling. You can take more rest, depending on your comfort and strength level.

2. Putting Off Goggles:

Along with that, putting off your goggles after every session to release any pressure on your skin allow air to circulate around your face properly. Drinking water while swimming and snorkeling is also necessary to get your skin hydrated and more healthy. 

3. Apply SunScreen:

During breaks, apply sunscreen to your face to shield your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Sunburn, which can make goggle markings more obvious, can be avoided by doing this as well.

4. Using a different type of goggles or mask

If you’re worried about how to get rid of goggle marks, you have to try different types of goggles or masks that perfectly fit you. 

Mask-style goggles: These goggles cover more of your face, which helps to distribute pressure more evenly and lessen the possibility of goggle markings. Some individuals find them more comfortable as well since they don’t apply as much pressure on the sensitive area around the eyes.

Soft-seal goggles: These goggles contain a supple silicone edge seal that makes for more snug and comfortable wear. Less skin damage is likely to result from them.

Swim masks: Your eyes, nose, and mouth are all covered by these masks, sealing off your face from the elements. Furthermore, they apply less pressure to the sensitive area around the eyes, making them more comfortable. 

5. Requesting Medical Health

If you follow the above guidelines but your goggle marks remain the same as well as causing discomfort, It can indicate a hidden medical issue, including skin sensitivity or an allergic response.

Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to seek medical attention:

Persistent goggle marks: If the marks never remove from your face skin even in a few hours, it could be a sign you need medical treatment. 

Discomfort or Pain: If you’re feeling any pain or discomfort while wearing goggles, there is a high chance of skin irritation and other medical issues. 

Redness & Swelling: It may be an indication of an allergic response or another medical problem if you experience redness, swelling, or other symptoms of inflammation around your eyes or on other regions of your face.

Conclusion: (How To Get Rid Of Goggle Marks)

In conclusion, goggle marks can be a common and often temporary side effect of wearing goggles during activities such as swimming or snorkeling. Although they usually aren’t a problem, some people may find them uncomfortable and unsightly. However, these are some ways how to get rid of goggle marks. 

We hope you’ll enjoy this particular guide and get the answer to your query. We try to cover every single topic from methods of preventing goggle marks, to some tips and a few solutions. During any activity, keep in mind that it’s crucial to prioritize your comfort and well-being while also taking good care of your skin. 

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