How To Shrink Leather Gloves (2 Amazing Methods)

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how to shrink leather gloves

Leather gloves are often used to protect our hands from cold, and dust and for working safely. We’re sure that you have a pair of your favorite leather gloves, but because leather is a widely used material for many of our fashionable pieces so over the time they lose after a while of usage. 

So if you’re buying a new pair of leather gloves just because of facing this problem you don’t ever need to buy a new one. All you have to do is to read our detailed guide regarding how to shrink leather gloves. 

Things You Need

Before following this particular guide you have to arrange some items. Don’t worry these are easily available in your home. Just quickly gather the following! 

  • Leather Gloves.
  • Clean Warm Water. 
  • Towel or Soft Cloth. 
  • Clean Bowl.
  • Rubbing Alcohol. 
  • Liquid Dish Soap.
  • Spray Bottle.  

Shrinking Leather Gloves With Water 

1. Soak Your Leather Gloves

First of all, you need to fill a bowl or basin with warm luke water. Never use hot water as it may cause damage to their material. After that soak your favorite pair into the bowl or sink for about 5 to 10 mins. You can leave them for a longer time if necessary. 

2. Squeeze Excess Water

In the second step regarding how to shrink leather gloves with water, you need to squeeze the excess water from the leather gloves. You should only hold them, and not wring them, crumple them, or twist them, as doing so may damage the leather. Squeeze them softly several times and don’t forget the cuff and fingertips. 

3. Squeeze With a Clean Towel

After completing the above two processes, it’s time to squeeze once more of your favorite pair with that clean piece of towel or cloth. You can use a towel or piece of cloth for that particular process. 

Simply place a towel on a flat surface. Then cover the leather gloves under the cloth and press them by hand. Never press so tightly, as it may cause damage to leather material. After soaking the gloves in warm water, the glove’s fibers are tightened. You will lose all your work if you leave them dripping.

4. Air Drying Your Leather Gloves

In the fourth step regarding how to shrink leather gloves, you need to air dry your favorite pair. As the gloves are small accessories, it could take a long time in order to completely dry. So leave them for about 24 hours or over the night. 

Protect them from the direct heat of sunlight, as it may cause damage to their material. If you want to increase the drying process you can use a hair dryer, but this method isn’t recommended.   

5. Conditioning & Storage

After completing the above four steps, you need to perfectly store your gloves in order to increase their life strength and protect them from bacteria and germs. You can apply a leather conditioner on your favorite leather gloves, but make sure to read the instruction on the product you’re using. Otherwise, the conditioner can damage the glove’s material. 

6. Try Your Shrinked Gloves 

In the final step, you have to try your shrinked leather pair. Check that your leather gloves are well-fitted by putting them on, spreading your fingers wide, and making a fist with your hand. If they do not meet your shrunk criteria, try the second method. 

Shrinking Leather Gloves With Rubbing Alcohol

1. Half Fill Water & Half Fill Alcohol In A Bowl

In the first step regarding how to shrink leather gloves by rubbing alcohol, you need to make the solution by adding half a bowl of water and half a bowl of rubbing alcohol. Take warm luke water for this step, never use hot water as it could damage the glove’s material. 

After that pour this solution into a spray bottle, then add a few drops of liquid dish detergent. By soaking the leather in water and soaking it in alcohol and dish soap, the leather’s oil will be broken down, allowing it to shrink.

2. Spray the solution on leather gloves 

For this step, take a piece of cloth and spread it on a flat surface. Put the leather gloves on the cloth then spray a generous amount of solution on the leather gloves. Make sure the whole leather material is soaked into the solution. Don’t forget to soak the folds and fingertips. 

3. Squeeze With a Clean Cloth

After completing the above two processes, you need to fold the piece of cloth in order to squeeze your favorite pair.  When you spray gloves, they won’t become saturated, as if you submerge them in the solution. Use a towel to remove the excess water as much as you can. Make sure not to crumple or twist the gloves, it could damage the material. 

4. Air Dry Your Leather Gloves 

In this step, you need to dry your gloves. As the shrinkage process is accelerated by rubbing alcohol, the drying process increases as well. You can hang them outside the home or leave them overnight, but make sure to protect them from the direct heat of sunlight.

5. Conditioning & Storage

In the fifth step regarding how to shrink leather gloves, you have to apply the glove’s conditioner. Nowadays, different types of conditioners are available in the market. So you can pick them according to your needs and preferences. Always read the instruction written on the product you’re using, otherwise, your glove’s material could be damaged. 

6. Try You Leather Gloves

We can now see how much the gloves shrank after they have completely dried. Once all goes well, your gloves should fit snugly again. If the gloves are still a bit loose, you can repeat the procedure or steps again. 

Conclusion: Perfectly Fitted Gloves

Leather comes in a material that over time becomes loose or dirty. Therefore many people worried about how to shrink leather gloves. All you have to do is to follow these two major methods and you’ll see the magical results. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you shrink leather quickly?

If you have a leather item such as leather gloves that you need to shrink, the easiest way is to soak the leather in water and then dry it outside the house or at the night. You can also use the hair dryer (not recommended). 

How do you shrink leather without ruining it?

If you want to shrink the leather without ruining it, you can follow our above-detailed guide. 

How can I make my gloves fit better? 

Soak your leather gloves in warm luke water for about 5 to 10 mins. Then squeeze the excess water, making sure not to crumple or twist them. Then hang your gloves outside your home or over the night until they’re completely dry. You see that your gloves will fit better on your hands. 

Will boiling water shrink leather?

The answer is yes, boiling water very quickly shrinks your leather. But if you use very hot water, it can damage your leather material. 

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